Site news #5: Forum and survey results


New Forum is online!

The Forum is divided into three categories, each having its subgroups.

The categories and the subgroups are not final. And whenever a topic is rising, and worth is own group, we will adjust the structure.
I think the new Forum represents a more modern look and a good understanding of what this Site is all about.

Result of the past survey:


I wanted to get a feeling and help to prioritize the pending ideas on my ToDo list. We have a clear winner and clear losers, and in between some draw. It helps a lot to develop the website in the right direction.
Thank you for everyone who took the time and voted or even left a comment. Please keep doing so also in the future!

When looking at the results, please keep in mind that I work on a new messaging system (which will include attachments of all kinds) regardless. I need the new messaging system for our App. Also, keep in mind that I work on MeetFighters and ChatFighters in parallel. Soon the Forum will update on MeetFighters too.
Both are longer projects and the features questioned in the survey are mostly additional weekend projects what can be squeezed in between for some change of programming variety :)

Thanks again for your feedback, and have a look at our new Forum.

Stay safe, and stay nice while you knock each other out!

Best Regards,
The Tech

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Ebony Twink 2020-06-13 20:12

Dice - part of role play since D&D main reason was why role play made.