SpaceFighters is coming

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We live the twenty-first century
So astronaut training's mandatory
     To return to Earth
     Show us your good mirth
And write a limerick in commentary

Thanks for joining April's fool!
The limerics you sent simply rule!
     And all those who grumbled
     Angry or disgruntled
Helped us in contrast look cool

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Dear All,

New Chat launched!
After around two weeks of beta testing, the new Chat replaced now the current one. And with that, we were able to add another new feature that wasn't even part of the beta. With the new Chat code as a base, more improvements will launch shortly. The list below shows implemented, and upcoming additions to our Chat:

  • Massive overhaul of the mobile layout
  • Overhaul of the general chat layout
  • Updated room list
  • Option to individual mute rooms
  • Option to individual mute characters (outside of rooms)*
    • [implemented]
  • Option to change the sound effect
  • Individually choose the sound effect for different types of events (room message, private message, favorite message, favorite entered the Chat)*
    • [implemented] - except favorite sound which will not be implemented
  • Edit send messages
  • Respond to messages with emoji*
    • [implemented]
  • Quote messages*
    • [implemented]
  • Multiline input*
    • [implemented]
  • Icon for characters who joined on a mobile device
  • Pin a conversation*
    • [implemented]
  • Ton of bug fixes and minor improvements.
  • Even more bugfixes ;)*
    • [implemented] ;)
*Not yet available in the current version of the Chat; Comming soon.
    • All outstanding updates are added, the latest one on 2022-04-02
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Long version

As a result of the last poll today's site update focuses on multiple updates regarding stories!

ChatFighters already has over 20.000 PUBLIC stories posted! PLUS ~30.000 we saved from the old Yahoo networks.
To preserve the 'best' stories, we are introducing:

Story of the week

Each week the 'best' story will be selected and presented.

You found a story you wanted to read, but no time right now? Then, add it to your new:


In addition, the stories page and the individual story pages got a little face lifting to accommodate the new features.

Story of the week and Readlist were the clear winner - by far, from our last votes. Both are easily accessible from the central Story page.

Closing off this news, with an update to our donation system: We are now accepting PayPal!
If you did not donate yet and want to give us a small present, consider a donation :)

I want to thank all members who donated in the past! And to all members who use ChatFighters and bring it to life, with Federations, Stories, Books, and in the Chat!

Stay safe, stay healthy!

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Keep the #lobby bar open?

Based on recent events, let's vote!
Some people like the bar fun, some don't.

Keep the #lobby bar open?

The voting is over.
  • [57%] YES.
  • [30%] No.
  • [13%] What? / No opinion.
Votes casted with duplicate accounts were tracked for all options, but did not influence the result.
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Polls closed.

The results (and comments) will strongly influence the updates for the next weeks and months. Thank you all for your time and participation.

Related to the poll, two updates got published today:

  1. The suggestion about sorting the 'latest stories' by publishing date is implemented. (only affecting newly posted stories.)
  2. Based on the results, the dice default behavior changed to 40/60 percent, resulting in a higher success rate of each dice throw.

Best Regards,
The Tech

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