Site news #5: Forum and survey results


New Forum is online!

The Forum is divided into three categories, each having its subgroups.

The categories and the subgroups are not final. And whenever a topic is rising, and worth is own group, we will adjust the structure.
I think the new Forum represents a more modern look and a good understanding of what this Site is all about.

Result of the past survey:


I wanted to get a feeling and help to prioritize the pending ideas on my ToDo list. We have a clear winner and clear losers, and in between some draw. It helps a lot to develop the website in the right direction.
Thank you for everyone who took the time and voted or even left a comment. Please keep doing so also in the future!

When looking at the results, please keep in mind that I work on a new messaging system (which will include attachments of all kinds) regardless. I need the new messaging system for our App. Also, keep in mind that I work on MeetFighters and ChatFighters in parallel. Soon the Forum will update on MeetFighters too.
Both are longer projects and the features questioned in the survey are mostly additional weekend projects what can be squeezed in between for some change of programming variety :)

Thanks again for your feedback, and have a look at our new Forum.

Stay safe, and stay nice while you knock each other out!

Best Regards,
The Tech

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Site news #4: What's next?


The next site update will focus on the forum. The current ChatFighters forum was always meant as a temporary solution, and I think we more than outgrew it. The MeetFighters forum has a quite old design too, so it makes sense to redesign it with modern web elements. It will take roughly 30-40 hours of work. And I will work on it whenever I’m free.
After the forum is refreshed; What should the Summer Site Update focus on? On our support page and in the forum, I got a couple of good ideas, but I’m not sure how to prioritize them.

One side project is always ongoing, the APP what includes the redesign of the message system - it is quite outdated too.
I, for myself, want push-notification for messages or even the chat. But that is a huge task, and I want to squeeze in some smaller projects in between.

To help me focus on the right topics, please select the ideas and features you think should be prioritized the highest:

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Thanks for sharing your feedback and ideas!

Best Regards,
The Tech

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Site news #3: Tournaments


As you might remember, since the launch of ChatFighters we wanted to have a tournament system in place (Site News #1). A few days ago Champion Maker started a tournament in our Forum. I took this as an opportunity to get the tournament system implemented. And today, we will launch the new site feature! It is still heavily under development, but the feature set will expand very quickly over the next days.

Some key features:

  • A dedicated subpage for each tournament will be created. At any time, you can follow up on the stories, and the current ranking represented in a cool layout.
  • Anyone can open a tournament, we start today with Champion Maker's one. This person has full control over everything inside the tournament.
  • Only one tournament can be ongoing at a time.
  • Participants get an icon on their profile and in chat.
  • Winners will get a medal based on their rank to be displayed on their profiles permanently. The organizer can define up to 3 special awards (best jobber, best writer...)
  • All participants will have a permanent icon showing their contribution to a tournament.
  • Every tournament will have a unique icon a medal, provided from the organizer or chosen from some images we provide.

First Tournament: Chatfighters Championship April 2020

Enjoy and have fun!
The Ref

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Site News #2


As promised in the last Site News #1, the time of adding new features started!

A few smaller changes went live already; a better Search and filter for Characters and Stories as well as chat and Story improvements. It is great to see so many of you posting new stories every day!

New !dice commands are added to the chat:
You can specify the number and sides, e.g. !dice 3d10
Also, check the help page for more commands; in the chat click the yellow menu button then select 'Help'.

I noticed that in a few profiles, the description was used to link to another character and describe the relation to him.

I'm happy to introduce a new major feature: Relationships

There are a bunch of different relationships already available. Click here for more information and how to use them. Relationships can add a lot of flavor to your character, so use them if you wish (or ignore them if you want.)

Next up: The Arena preview link, group functions, win/loss statistics, Character sheet redesign, and much more.

Thanks for using Chatfighters, and please keep posting your Stories, Books,Characters and bugs.

If you have ideas for features, please post them below this News post. Or start a new forum topic. The order and priority in which I implement features are closely tight to the interest they create.

Best Regards,
The Tech

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Site News #1


A good week passed, and the site is stable.
The phase of adding new features started!

We have a new archive from Yahoo:

If you know more yahoo groups we should contact, please let me know!

Later today/tomorrow, the Yahoo archives will be refreshed, hosting then all pictures and files as well.
Additional the search got enhanced, and you can search inside books:

Coming soon:

  • Creating stories by sending an E-Mail.
  • Adding pictures and files to ChatFighters
  • Implementing group function:
    • Can have a group admin
    • dedicated group rules
    • groups can have stories, books, character, can join a group
    • files and videos can be uploaded
  • Tournament system
    • The winner could get a unique icon for a few weeks. - other ideas?
    • Special image also for 'the best jobber'?
  • Future enhancements of the search
    • Search characters by tags
    • Filter results dynamically
  • Better handling of Favorites and blocked members

What else do you need or miss on ChatFighters?
Would you use a tournament system? Someone willing to host and manage the matches?

Best Regards,

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