Keep the #lobby bar open?

Based on recent events, let's vote!
Some people like the bar fun, some don't.

Keep the #lobby bar open?

The voting is over.
  • [57%] YES.
  • [30%] No.
  • [13%] What? / No opinion.
Votes casted with duplicate accounts were tracked for all options, but did not influence the result.
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Site news #9: Poll is over + small site Update


Polls closed.

The results (and comments) will strongly influence the updates for the next weeks and months. Thank you all for your time and participation.

Related to the poll, two updates got published today:

  1. The suggestion about sorting the 'latest stories' by publishing date is implemented. (only affecting newly posted stories.)
  2. Based on the results, the dice default behavior changed to 40/60 percent, resulting in a higher success rate of each dice throw.

Best Regards,
The Tech

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Site news #8: Polls!


To prioritize the next site updates, like last year we start another survey to get some feedback about the three topics:

1) Default dice success rate

A suggestion from an active dice player (let me know if you want to be mentioned by name :) was:
To bump up the general 50/50 chance for successful dice throws to 40/60 - this would result in a 20% higher success chance for: !punch, !attack, !kick, and all other currently 50/50 throws (offense and defense). The goal is to make dice matches more fluid by having more action.
Should the standard chance for success be changed?
  • Poll closed

2) Donations

Would you consider donating to ChatFighters if we offer more payment options?
  • Poll closed

3) Future updates community priority

Which feature should be added next?
  • Poll closed

Something else? - Drop your suggestions below, and I will try to add them on the fly.
Do not suggest an app version of ChatFighters. This is already on our internal roadmap, together with security and internal bug fixing tasks.

Best Regards,

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Site news #7: Tournament, Federation 1.5 and announcing WatchFighters


Jump down to the Federation part if your only interested in what is new on ChatFighters.


Our third ChatFighter wide tournament came to a successful finish.
Join me in congratulating our winners of the The ChatFighters Cruiserweight Championship Tournament: Our community voting decided our special awards:

Your awards are visible on your character sheets and in the chat. (contact me if you wish to remove it)

A big thanks go out to all participants of the tournament! And of course to the organizer Starfox. Another special thank goes to ErikAtlas for opening up the RUMBLE and ROAR about the TOURNEY

Starfox shared his experience during the tournament based on that - and even more talks behind the scenes, a few adjustments are made to the internal site system.

With the experience of three tournaments and the aftermaths that follow, a few changes will be made.
For example, Starfox decided to skip our usual qualification rounds and allowed swooping in characters from an alternative list instead.


First, I'm very happy how Federations got accepted since we launched them on 2021-01-14 and there are used in a wide variety of range! Which is great!

Main change: Federations can use the tournament system to visually enhance and track Fed-tournaments.

Changes for Federation admins

  • Reminder: Federation has the own Help Page, which just got updated to include the new features from today.
  • Reminder: Fed-Admins can send bulk messages to members
  • Reminder: You can change your HUB to your likings. I see a lot of Feds using the default layout.
  • Reminder: Change the picture of your Fed to make it more attractive
  • Update: The wall panel can now be configured in the Hub Editor to select the number of posts for each page.
  • NEW: Federations now have the option to use the ChatFighters tournament system!
    • Go to the new Tournament page and click on Start Tournament. Follow the simple Tournament editor.
      • If you don't have the Tournament tab, go to the Admin tab and click on "Edit Buttons" and activate the Tournament subpage.
    • If you have already an ongoing tournament, you can still use the new subpage, just configure the current state of your tournament in the simple tournament editor.
    • Past tournaments will be archived on your Fed.
    • Just try it, you can delete and cancle a tournament at any time if it does not work out.
    • Completed Fed-Tournaments with a winner selected will be shown on the ChatFighters main Tournament page.
    • Like Federations, the fed-tournament system is a toolbox, you can use it for whatever you like. Therefore Fed-Tournaments will not grant ChatFighter wide-character sheet awards.

General changes for Federations

Our Federation page got updated too.
  • By default, the page only shows "Active federations"
  • A new "Archived federations" view is available
    • A Federation becomes archived if it had no updates in the past 60 days. (new story, character, etc.)
      • Once a day the system checks if an update happens and moves it automatically out of the archived state.
    • A archived Federation has no differences to active ones, except that it is not shown by default on the Federation main page.
    • No worries, we will not delete Federations.
  • Table view can be selected for Federations. Doesn't look as cool (more like Excel) but it shows lots more details, and the ability to sort.
    • Might look horrible on a smartphone, but hey, so does Excel! ;)

I highly recommend to Fed-Admins (and anyone else who is interested) to subscribe to our Change Log. Bugfixes and small features or improvements will always be posted there. Some might affect how Fed's are working.
On the matter of changes:
Any website is a living and breathing system and must change over time. No Website will ever be finished. Will every change be good? No. Are continuous changes necessary? Yes. If you disagree, create and launch your own website, and then never change it!


On a side note, we are working on a new project,; it will be a new member next to and
If you are an individual content creator, looking for sponsors, or if you run your own video portal website, you can get in touch with us for future cooperation. Send a mail to: [email protected] or contact us on the Help and Support page.
Some of you joined the very early times on ChatFighters, and should remember that we embedded a lot of feedback in the site, we plan to do the same with WatchFighters. Let us know what you think!
This concludes the small site update.
Congratulations again to Starfox for running and completing a successful Tournament.TheSuperboy for almost breaking the site with a total of four awards!Diego S and TJ-Pro for their well-earned community awards!

And thanks to everyone else for participating in the Tournaments, voting, creating Federations, posting Stories. And being an active member on ChatFighters!

If you enjoy our site, please consider a small donation.

Stay safe!
Enjoy the site.

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Site news #6: Federations, Donations and More!


After a year plus change, we are unveiling our biggest Site Update yet!

Long version

  • You have already noticed a few changes, like the “Your Turn page” is now your central hub.
  • Limit You can have up to 15 enabled characters at a time. If you enable or create more, one of your enabled characters will be automatically disabled. No need to worry: you can re-enable your characters any time you like.
    • Only enabled Characters will be in the drop-down menu; the rest can be found under "Manage Characters" in your account menu.
    • Join ‘The Tech’ for a round with FUN WITH NUMBERS
      • Our top account has over 260 Characters!
      • Only 30 accounts have more than 15 Characters and will be affected by this change.
      • On average, one account has 1.7 Characters.
  • New stuff New pictures got added to the character creation for males, females, and others.
  • New stuff 9 new tags got added
  • Limit Limiting the Characters and Stories to a maximum of 12 tags.
    • New Characters can only select up to 12 tags.
    • Important Over the next week, we will limit and reduce all existing Characters to 12 tags. If you don’t want 12 of your tags randomly selected, please restrict them manually over the next week.
  • So cool Fire suppression system in the #lobby
  • Fixed that A reported bug concerning the story reader got fixed; now the font is no longer changing
  • Oh yeah Bunch of smaller improvements and bug fixing


The main event The 2nd most voted request (after ‘time zones’, which we released in November) was ‘a group feature with admin control.’ Today, after over a month of development and after a week of beta testing (many THANKS to the testers!!), the main attaction of this update, our Federation Page, is released!

Federations allow you to create and control your universe. Other characters can join your Federation, which will be visible on the character sheet. You can directly add pictures, files(!), and stories. For Stories, a separate tag system was created to categorize the incoming stories inside your Federation. The Federation comes with its editor to give you maximum flexibility.

A few Federation bullet points:

  • Private or Public and open or closed membership
  • Fully customizable HUB (Federation landing page)
    • Choose from pre-defined panels or add unlimited free text and leaderboard boxes.
  • Membership management
    • Rank system; Characters can have different Ranks in each Federation.
    • Federation Membership and Rank are visible on the Character Sheet.
    • Delegate Federation admin or bouncer rights to your trusted lieutenants. (Warning Until they stab you in the back, as trusted lieutenants would.)
  • Internal Federation story system, which lets you organize submitted stories.
  • A private Federation Chatroom that supports the Rank system.
  • Federation Sub-Forum
  • Picture and File upload

Here are a few examples of what the Federation System can be used:

  • Your strong, tough, and powerful, find and join the squad of an open and public Federation and fight against rivals from other clans. This clan can be another Federation or use the ‘Rank’ system to create different clans in your own Federation and let members fight each other.
  • Your private space for you and your friends, create your world and have everything together like chapters in a book. Leave each other messages on the wall, discuss new possible plots in the private forum. During your world-building, you lost some loved virtual characters? Add a custom memorial to remember them. Support your virtual world with Pictures, Videos, or other Files!
  • Be a gym owner, only accept the most vital participants, set them weekly challenges, and reward or downgrade their ranks. As ranks are public, your muscle guys will give the best to prove they worth it! Use the Character leaderboard to rank your guys for the biggest chest or biceps.
  • Gender restricted Federation, Federation Admins can define their own rules only women allowed – no problem.
  • If you prefer Dice Pro Boxing, create a Federation for it, upload some basic rules in the File section, and only accept members who agree to Pro Dice Boxing. Then organize an internal competition. Add and display the score on your ‘Hall of Fame.’
  • Just want to upload your videos, share them with your best cyber friends, create a private Federation, invite your friends, and upload videos, pictures. Or make it public an use the Story system to post blogs.
  • A Federation can also be created just for you alone, to collect your thought and classify your Stories. Let your own Characters join to show others that they belong together, as family, rivals, or friends.
  • Be a Monster Zoo director. Who doesn’t like monsters or animals, so now, you can create a Zoo.
  • You don’t like any existing Federation? Create your own!

As you see, we tried our best to make Federations as flexible and customizable as possible. There is no need to represent the classical meaning of ‘Federation.’ Use the system for whatever you need it! Have a look at our already existing Federations to get inspired! And maybe join a few of them. As you can own (or join) as many Federations as you want, you can create a new Federation for every new world or universe you come up with.

Try it out and check the DEMO Federation to get an overview of what is possible!

A word of warning

Careful! The public control requires some trust between Federation Admin and joining characters. Keep in mind, You always have full control over your character. You can leave a Federation at any time, which will remove all ranks from your profile. And Admins can remove any member in a Federation at any time. If in doubt, I recommend creating a secondary Character to join or start the Federation. Remember, ChatFighters allows you to use multiple Characters simultaneously. I encourage you to have fun and try new things, New characters, join or create a new Federation, and if it does not work out, use the ‘delete’ button. Just be so lovely and let your Cyber partners know. But there is no need to argue with them.


Shameless begging So first: do not worry. Donations and Federations are not related to each other. Everyone can create as many Federations as needed. ChatFighters is free and remains free, including 100% advertising free. (Have a look at 11 years FREE thanks to donations). We show respect for your privacy and mental health by not including advertising that tracks you

If you genuinely enjoy our site and want to support us, you can do that now. The only ‘reward’ and ‘benefit’ will be a Medal on your Character sheet and in the Chat, showing that you are a donating member.

This means you won’t have any negative experience on this site or miss out on something if you decide not to donate.
You can only donate after 30 days, membership. (Get familiar with the site first, then if you wish, give us your money).
It was not easy to find a good donation model for ChatFighters since you can operate multiple Characters. Suppose all your characters get a medal. In that case, that might reveal their identity. It might feel unfair if you have 15 Characters with a Medal. In contrast, someone else got for the same money, only one. Buying a pool of medals and flexibly assigning them sounded too complicated and opened the possibility of abuse.
In the end, a simple solution was chosen: 1 Donation Medal goes to 1 Character. This can be your own, or to someone else as a gift. Donation Medals last for one year (all except one).

The donation page and our FAQ provides more details and full transparency.
Thank you very much for even considering a donation!

And as always, this is Version 1.0 for Federations and for Donations. Let us know your feedback, bugs, or improvement ideas. We have some plans for Federations 2.0, but you know we are always trying to include your input!

Where to go next?

Stay safe, stay healthy!

Best Regards,
The Tech

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