About us

ChatFighters.com is a place of fantasy. Here you can create imaginary characters, have epic battles, experience role-playing, and meet others with similar interests.

Or just relax and quietly read other members' stories and books.

What is Cyber fight?

A cyber fight could be done alone, in the form of a Story. But mostly it is between two or more members, instead of meeting in real and fighting, the chatters describing they attack each other and reacting to it. In some way, it can be compared with Pen&Paper and Roleplaying.

I encourage you to open and explore and live your fantasies. We want to be a worldwide hub for all who love fighting but cannot do this in real.

This site looks like MeetFighters...?

Yes, similar to www.MeetFighters.com, I want to offer a free website without advertising were everyone can share their stories or join the chat. But different to MeetFighters: No verification, less moderation, almost no picture moderation, no restrictions to only one profile/character.
Join, chat, read, leave, and hopefully come again.
Soon you will be able to join the chat without any registration.

This is ChatFighters:

ChatFighters is not only allowing you to operate multiple virtual fighter characters out of your main profile, to join cyber fights in our chat. You can use the avatar creation page and have in less than one minute a new character with his stats to join the conversation. The improved chat system is designed to allow you to use multiple fighters in the same session.

If you're done chatting, the chat transcripts can be directly imported from our chat and saved as a single story. All participants in the chat will be asked to approve. Stories can be combined in full books. Both of them can be connected to your character and also flagged with tags to make them easy to find.
You can share stories or holes books in public or private.

I don't chat, but I write stories:

You are more than welcome to share your stories here. You don't have to chat to create characters, stories or books and link and tag all of them together and share in private or public.

Why ChatFighters?

The idea of ChatFighters started roughly one and a half year ago, I noticed the large cyber-community on MeetFighters and outside MeetFighters as well. The problem was that for a cool cyber fight, you needed (sexy and hot fake) accounts. What always opened a conflict on MeetFighters as I still want to have only real guys who love real matches there.
Opening ChatFighters will allow me to serve both worlds, the fantastic world of real encounters, but also the incredible world of cyber fantasies. Apart from some great Yahoo groups (what are getting closed now), there was nothing out what mainly focused on cyber fights - until now! - No worries, MeetFighters will also receive future development. The new chat on MeetFighters, for example, came directly from ChatFighters. Both sites will keep growing and improving.

Important note

ChatFighters is brand new, the core features are all working, but you will find everywhere on the site some rough edges or missing components. But the great thing is you can see how a site grows and join and influence the development from the beginning.