Interested in cyber wrestle for her? Interested in cyber wrestle for a woman?

Raeden 2019-11-04 07:37

Cool scenario

sbplooser 2019-11-03 15:41

my wife likes me to wrestle for her (greek-roman-style, not brutal. more erotic wrestling), she only wants the winner. Schoolboy pin counts, you know facepin? Then she can suck the winner in front of the losers face while winner pinned the loser helpless under him. After that ONLY winner can have her, loser has to watch....
Before we meet we need to do online fights (cyber wrestling) as we do not do life any more without trying online first. We do it life if it works good online. Sorry, I cannot send pics or use cam because of our job, but only writing can be very hot if you use your fantasy. And my wife is worth it, she is really hot....
We need also verbal erotic, trash talk: the guys humilate each other with words, the opponent makes me angry and jalous by telling me he wants my wife, she and you could even fall in love once he had her etc., it is important for me that you make me jalous for the fight, can you do that?
We also get hot if we are not ONLY fighting for PURE sex, but even for a bit fighting for her LOVE, winner might get the right to BREED her while loser has to watch etc.. I know it is too hard for most, but there should be some guys who have the SAME fantasy as us....
Are you real interested? Do you have yahoo or skype messanger where we could meet for a chat and online fight one day? And I am also member in meetfighters and globalfight, thus we could meet there as well. No fakes please.
If you are interested, tell me, and if not, please tell me also that I won’t have to ask again.