Dragonfly 17 days ago


Gutpunching fight
Both fighter set their HP (i suggest a range from 40 to 80)
One of the two fighter starts with punches untill he misses.
When you miss it's your opponent turn.

When you are low HP you can already give up, going below 0HP means KO

HOW you do:
How i set my HP to a determined ammount?
!set HP 50

How i attack my opponent?

How i make my attack stronger or weaker?
Type: (notice that it works for !punch, !kick, !Pain, !damage)
!punch 1d6
!punch 1d3
!punch 3d8

The best way to play is to use the command, see what happen, then write the description

Example of chat line:
You: !punch
You: !punch
My punch connected and did ⚄ 5 + ⚂ 3 = 8 damage.
You: I step forward and drive a right uppercut to your belly button
Opponent: OOOFFF (anyway, he describe his reaction if he wants)

[you landed the hit so you can continue]

You: !Kick
You: My kick connected and did ⚄ 5 + ⚂ 3 = 8 damage.
You: I step back and land a reverse roundhouse kick to your belly

[and go on until you MISS, then it' up to your opponent]

Other rules about holds will come :)

Nikira 7 days ago

(In reply to this)

Instead of using the HP stats, why not use the abs stat ? It would make more sense in my opinion.

If you're looking for a long fight, you could first have to bring your opponent abs stats to 0 and then hit their HP. Once their abs stat hit 0, they can give up.

Alternatively, instead of attacking until you miss, you could also hit only a given number of times, like three attempts and then it's your opponent's turn.