ChatFighter Updates - ChangeLog

The Tech 17 days ago

Importing the Stats from your character sheet in the chat works now:

  • !set stats

The Tech 18 days ago

Added new Keywords:

  • Dice
  • Blood
  • Broken bones
  • Weapons

The Tech 21 days ago

New improvement:

  • 300+ default pictures added
  • Preview of our default pictures now available if you select them
  • Major Story improvements:
    • Redesign of the stories page
    • If one of your Favourites is part of a story, you receive a notification now.
    • Stories have now an 'owner' who can edit the story.
      • (the creator of the story is automatically the owner)
      • the owner can edit a story up to 7 days after creation.
        • This will send a notification to all characters part of the story, who have to (re)approve the edit.
      • adding and removing character can be done to for the first 7 days (even your own characters as long as one of your character is part of the story)
      • After 7 days you and any other character can still unpublish an story (make it private)
      • All characters in the story receive a notification if:
        • You are added to / removed from a story.
        • someone comments on your stories.
        • Someone approves the story.
        • Someone changes the publish/do not publish state of the story.
        • A story is deleted
      • Deleting a story:
        • Stories with other characters can be deleted by the creator as long as the story is editable (1 week).
        • Stories can also be deleted by the creator at any time provided that there are no other characters (except your own) in the story.
        • After 1 week a story with multiple characters can only be unpublished but not deleted. (open a support ticket if you want the story have removed)
  • Additional Notification update:
    • If you're in the chat, and one of your other characters receives a Message you will get notified in the chat too. The link will then allow you to switch characters to read your new message.
  • The new notifications can be disabled in the settings

The Tech 2019-12-29 20:20

  • Load transcript under creating a story can now load from our mail message system too.
    • To create a story for those who don't use the chat so much.

The Tech 2019-12-29 19:25

  • In stories with timestamps you have now the option to hide the timestamps "toggle times" button.
  • Small improvements of the Arena layout and the Main page

The Tech 2019-12-28 22:25

  • Chat room update:
    • New room type 'Ring'
      • Ring rooms keep their history permanent, they don't expire or lose history.
    • All other rooms and private conversations keep their history for 30 days or until all person close (x) the room
    • the official #lobby keeps the history for 1h. - No changes here.

Anna La Diabla Negra (deleted member) 2019-12-29 10:28

(In reply to this)

Hi Tech, One improvement suggestion: in a private room, the other party has to be in Chat in order to invite them. It would be nice if you could extend the invitation even if they are not in Chat.....Anna

The Tech 2019-12-29 16:07

(In reply to this)

That's a good idea I added it on my list.

WresBoxRob (deleted member) 2019-12-29 08:21

(In reply to this)

Can anyone set up a ring room? How do you designate a room as a ring room? This is becoming a really great site! Well done.

The Tech 2019-12-29 16:02

(In reply to this)

You can't set up a 'Ring' room, they are default site rooms.
But I'm happy to rename them.

Why you need a ring room and not a normal room?

The Tech 2019-12-26 12:10

  • Bugfix: Cam works now on MacOS Safari too.

The Tech 2019-12-26 10:57

  • New Feature
    • Relationship map created - visit any character and scroll down to the relationship map
  • Chat
    • You can mute members in chat rooms without blocking them
    • Rooms and private conversations keep their messages for 7 days - in a future update it will unlimited
    • You can attach pictures to chat rooms
    • New layout for the chat room #looby
    • Empty arena rooms are cleanup automatically
    • Chat status added
  • Changes
    • Downvotes on stories removed
  • Bug fixes
    • Huge improvement for the chat stability - they should be no more crashes.
    • The ability to attach pictures in messages is removed (it did not work), the message system will be redone in future updates.
    • Require character picture to open an arena request

The Tech 2019-11-24 19:49

  • The Character sheet got updated.

The Tech 2019-11-24 19:33

I will start posting here all smaller changes and updates for ChatFighters, which might not be worth an own news.

Starting off:

  • You can now upload pictures to private rooms.