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Barefoot Turn-on42020-04-02 22:18Kibamaru
Fox's Guidelines for Dice Based Combat: Boxing Edition32020-04-01 23:43Starfox
Fox's Guidelines for Dice Based Combat12020-03-31 19:24Starfox
#Dice_Rolling_Gutpunch_Fights22020-03-31 02:42Nikira
Heel and Jobber32020-03-29 06:20ErikAtlas
Fight Dice Rules292020-03-20 13:58The Tech
ChatFighter Updates - ChangeLog142020-03-20 13:55The Tech
Welcome to ChatFighters!52020-03-20 09:58Master Wayne
Females counts102020-03-17 20:32Knockoutgurl
Literary stuff anyone?192020-03-16 16:32Dyer Anderson
Gladiators?372020-03-04 06:36Jockfighterzz
Princess Nesrine destroyed me182020-03-03 20:57Nesrine The Red Princess
Tournaments?132020-03-01 19:19Schwergewichtsboxer
Dungeon's and Dragons332020-02-28 19:49boxnwrestle
Skype CAM fight12020-02-28 07:22Jockfighterzz
Role play advice for New Fighters12020-02-25 01:19Jax Wilson (deleted member)
Help and Support II ☠762020-02-20 18:15The Tech
Kick/Foot fight52020-02-20 14:56Nicole Elias
Multiple characters in chat at the same time?32020-02-16 15:00Punk Punchingbag
Boxing, kickboxing and MMA, jobber opponents wanted! Romance with females optional.22020-02-14 07:50Ronansdownjacket (deleted member)
The Purple Princesses (Charlotte and Sarah Davis) ... not so tough362020-02-10 02:23kateintense
how to delete a story so it does not keep asking me to approve it12020-02-05 15:23Chrisboy
Is there a chatfighters Discord?182020-01-22 03:34Naicul
NHB felony fight62020-01-19 21:52toughfightguy
Fist fight182020-01-19 21:43toughfightguy
Punch my face to a pulp until I can't be reconised22020-01-19 21:36toughfightguy
Cam match on Skype32020-01-17 13:16CockfighterOliU
Discord baby22020-01-16 14:42Malicious Villain
Photos32020-01-15 18:29smoothtan-Dreamboy
Hot video on YouTube32020-01-05 20:17Zenitzenit
Any muscle guys want to destroy me?12020-01-02 20:30chokeoutlover (deleted member)
Gutpunching22020-01-01 20:06GutBoxer
Looking to end careers.82019-12-23 18:13smoothtan-Dreamboy
How does Arena work?32019-12-22 21:44The Tech
How to delete a story22019-12-22 15:45The Tech
WRESTLE BUDDY12019-12-21 12:01Adamstrong
Fight Music52019-12-17 14:35Green Cheetah
Introducing myself92019-12-05 10:13Spidey
Friends cyber server12019-12-03 13:29DarkDesires
Email match?12019-12-02 08:05BallbustingChamp
Horny wrestle chat12019-11-26 14:49Sam Muscle
Fight for your wife! (Or husband if that's the case)142019-11-26 00:36Raeden
Français22019-11-23 08:55Princesse Ludwyna
Favorite Characters22019-11-17 10:22The Tech
Erotic Pin/Ejaculation WOS bouts12019-11-16 15:43Folding Press
Brit pro style matches52019-11-16 13:10Adamstrong
Overview of Strenghtpower32019-11-14 17:12Fightmaster
Getting Started32019-11-13 07:10Adamstrong
2-on-1?112019-11-11 20:00wrestlerdom
Does anyone have an interest in violent matches12019-11-11 12:34Rocket 731
Fight for him42019-11-09 23:51Beatdown Carlos
Muscle monster combination looking for opponent242019-11-07 22:57SteveMuscle
Anyone Actually Looking for Cyber Wrestling Matches?12019-11-07 03:13hairybeast (deleted member)
Extreme violence horror story roleplay12019-11-07 01:36Sean Bell (deleted member)
alguien habla español.12019-11-06 21:31gladiador70
waterpolo with cbt42019-11-06 09:06Blaze Beraht
martial arts fights42019-11-04 22:39theprize
Interested in cyber wrestle for her? Interested in cyber wrestle for a woman?22019-11-04 07:37Raeden
2 on 1 no holds barred32019-11-04 03:02MonsterBait
One sided boxing12019-11-03 20:47Beatdown Carlos
Help and Support ☠632019-11-03 15:15The Tech