Women's Boxing League

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Established: 2021-01-18

A place for women boxers to come and knock each other out!
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Jessy Fist

Fighter Face Puncher

Tough girl by nature, I enjoy expressing myself with my hands.

Stacy S

Fighter Heel Trainer Puncher

Just a boxer girl looking for some fun in the ring...... (GIRLS ONLY)


Fighter Puncher

You better be ready when we get in the ring.....or it's lights out for you.


Fighter Face Puncher Punchee

Just your typical nerd who got a taste for the pugilistic arts. <3



Angry girl who seeks even sexfights or MMA fights with anyone

Lola ko


Female Karate / kickboxer

The Little Filipina

Fighter Jobber Heel Face

A spunky little Filipina woman who typically likes to scrap! With very few rules!

Abigail the Bikini Boxer

Fighter Heel Puncher Villain

Skilled and beautiful boxer looking for other female opponents.


Fighter Puncher Punchee Squeezer

i like to fight rough hard harder.

Codi the big tit bitch


Love to hace tussles with other woman, everything except broken bones and death


Fighter Heel Puncher

Model, streamer, fighter



Boxer and Wrestler


Jobber Punchee

Mary is always in the ring with her boxing gloves


Fighter Puncher Punchee

Cat, fist or box. Name your poison

Elena Ma

Fighter Jobber Puncher Punchee

Italian 42 yo blonde woman, loving cyberfights, especially fist fights and nhb with lots of body blows



Hot and heavy, fast and furious

Bella Nelane

Fighter Puncher Punchee

Avid boxer, thinking of dipping her peets into wrestling.


Fighter Heel Puncher Squeezer

The strongest Black Amazon


Fighter Jobber Puncher Punchee

Lover\fighter, Boxing masochist


Fighter Puncher

Tiny fighter who packs a real punch and kick

Rocki Yule

Fighter Face Trainer Puncher

Rocki is ready to rumble anytime.


Fighter Puncher Punchee

It’s never too late.

Claire Luna


Addicted to competition. (F/F only, please!)


Fighter Jobber Puncher Punchee

Tough busty boxing husky

Kyou Saitou

Fighter Heel Puncher

Japanese female Boxer. I allow mixed matches. No erotica please.

Tani Rinkan

Fighter Heel Puncher Punchee

Boxing? Wrestling? MMA? You name it, I'll kick your ass doing it~!

Liana Mattercaster

Fighter Jobber Puncher Punchee

A cute/bratty boxer and wrestlerette from England. Always on the look out to face other girls in topless/nude boxing matches. |Wins - 2 || Losses - 4|

Lil Tina

Fighter Heel Puncher Hero

Sassy Southern Spitfire


Fighter Face Trainee Squeezer

Tigress is born to a Irish Wrestler and an Indian Actress

Queen Sarah

Fighter Heel Puncher

The best time handled by your worst opponent

86 members