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Established: 2021-11-02

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This is a federation for all female pro-wrestling jobbers and the heels they face
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Information for non-members

Pro-style wrestling federation for female jobbers and male/female heels looking to connect. This group is for PRO-STYLE WRESTLING ONLY. Unless it's very clear from looking at your profile that you are interested in pro-style jobber vs heel matches and themes, please make sure to send a message along with your application and say why you want to join the fed.

Whenever new applications come in I always read the application messages and look at the persons profile to see if they "fit". If there is no message along with the application and if there is no sign that you are into pro-style from looking at your profile page, your application will sadly be rejected. This is to make sure that only people with the interests that this federation was made for are members

To specify, this group is NOT ment for:
Male jobbers
Erotic wrestling
Sex Wrestling/Fighting
Competetive fighting

If you are looking for any of these please join any of the other federations that is ment for that since this is for just pro-style only

About Fem Pro Jobbers

Welcome all female pro-wrestling jobbers and all heels!

This is a federation or a "group" for all the female pro-wrestling jobbers here on chatfighters. A great place to meet other women who you share this same interest with and who you can connect with and even form tag-teams! PLEASE note that this is NOT a group for boxing, MMA, erotic wrestling, sex fighting etc or ANY other type of fighting. Nudity and overly sexual themes is NOT something this group is ment for. This is a group for people who are interested in PRO-WRESTLING and more specifically jobber vs heel type matches. Also again, please NO MALE JOBBERS, you have your own group where it's for men only.

This is also a great place to gather jobbers who are looking for heels. Even though this site is just ment for female jobbers, all heels, male or female are more than welcome. However! You have to respect peoples wishes. Just cause you cause male heels are allowed in here doesn't mean that all the female jobbers want to face men and vice versa.

IMPORTANY REGARDING MATCH POSTING: Again, this federation is ment for pro-wrestling/pro-style/pro-mission so if you have other things in mind please consider a different fed and it's also my wish to keep this as much to pro-wrestling as possible. This also includes overly sexual and erotic themes, nudity etc even under the guise of pro-wrestling. What you do in your matches is of course up to you, but please note that overly erotic or sexual content (like nudity, sexual attacks or something that is overly sexual) will NOT be approved if you want to post it to the feds "stories"

Men: Pro-style gear. Speedos, trunks, tights, pads and boots etc
Women: Old school pro-style gear. Leotards, tights/hose, pads and boots etc

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Cali Encounters

2022-10-18 17:20

So glad to be added, love both pro style cyberfights and getting jobbed out by kinky opponents. Message me anytime for a wild encounter!

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