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Catball style female/female fights. Pain, hurt, torture.

This is one of the most dangerous situations a bitchfighter or catfighter can find herself in. Catballs begin when two women are struggling in close contact, usually body against body.

Most times, one woman just tries to wrap her legs high for control and the other copies her move, they struggle for a few minutes and soon realize that neither of them can get by the other’s leggy defense. Sometimes this just happens, other times there may be a brief whispering and hissing conversation in which one or both DARE the other to catball.

Once you are in a catball Honey you are IN! If you are in a catball do …anything… and …everything… you can to win, because Honey catballs go ….ALL THE WAY! Once in a catball, each woman has little choice but to try and fight her rival close in and body against body to the finish.
Vicious scratching occurs in catballs. Biting occurs in catballs. Women have snatched each other completely bald in catballs and they didn’t stop fighting then, because they couldn’t.

To someone who doesn’t know what they are seeing, a catball can look almost peaceful. The women are …hugging… each other. From time to time one will grunt or moan and their bodies will squirm or shift slightly. Arms slip over sweat slick backs. Thighs squeeze and curl. The ball may roll over from time to time, the woman’s bodies often get so twisted and curled around each other, it can be impossible to tell who is on top, and whose arm or leg you are looking at in the tangle.

Usually even the smallest motion is opposed by the other woman with desperate effort. She may not know what you are trying to do, but she does know if you want to do that, it can only be bad, so she will fight it. For all a catball may appear almost motionless, its not uncommon for every muscle on the women’s clenched bodies to be tensed and standing out like steel cables. From time to time one will gain some small advantage in position and use it to hurt the other. Hair pulled out slowly. A nipple chewed, one finger nail curled between delicate vaginal walls and scratching.

At this point, screams and pleading for mercy are useless.

My advice is save your breath to fight.