BDSM - Beat, Dom and Shame Muscle

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Established: 2022-01-05

  • Trash talking
  • Wrestle for top
  • CBT
  • Extreme violence
  • Death
A fed for fights where muscle jobbers are beaten, dominated and humiliated.
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This federation if for muscle jobbers (of all sizes and genders) and the heels who enjoy beating, dominating and humiliating them.

To apply, please provide your preferred role: jobber or heel. For my own interest, please list some of your favorite wrestling moves and holds, humiliations and kinks.

About BDSM - Beat, Dom and Shame Muscle

This federation is for sharing stories and images of muscle jobbers (of all sizes and genders) getting beaten, dominated and humiliated by all types of heels.

Let's chat about our favorite muscle jobbers. Share ideas on how to beat, dominate and humiliate them. Nothing is off limits. Be as imaginative, sadistic and evil as you like. But please respect each other's limits.

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2022-05-14 12:09

Thanks for the add and I am wanting to face Rob Hunter, Cody Jobber and anyone

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