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Fighter Jobber Heel Hero

A young chivalrous man, who has a hidden beast within, beware his anger for he is one of the mightest cowboys of the west!

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Fighter Trainee Hero

Son of Clark Kent, looking to spar against other superheroes or fight supervillains

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Jobber Face Squeezer Squeezetoy

Solid, strong two-time ex-champ at the tail end of his career, a perfect stepping stone in the path of young rookie heels who want to make a name for themselves.

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Fighter Puncher Villain


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Fighter Jobber Heel

The face of a child and the strength of a man

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Jobber Squeezetoy

love roleplay-cyber scenes..wrestling..muscles...m and f(NOT INTO PRO)

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Jobber Squeezetoy

Soldier with tough guy attitude waiting to be made to submit

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Heel Trainer Puncher Villain

Despite the masks we wear, you know who we are. Mommy and Daddy are here to give you a beatdown

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Jobber Trainee Squeezetoy

Scrawny girl itching to wrestle big guys!

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Fighter Heel Villain Squeezer

Powerful older guy ready to put the young studs in their place.

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Here for muscle fun

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Fighter Puncher

Favors boxing, extremely powerful, and loves torturing women in the ring. Totally not a knockoff of Darrius from HTMW..

Last login: 2022-08-17; Last updated: 2022-08-17

184 Characters