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Undefeated submission wrestling champion of New england. Hasn't lost any fighting competition since 2003. Best in the world

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Fighter Villain

I am always itching to have a fist fight until knock out.

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Jobber Face Squeezer Squeezetoy

Solid, strong two-time ex-champ at the tail end of his career, a perfect stepping stone in the path of young rookie heels who want to make a name for themselves.

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Fighter Heel Villain

Muscle monster for brutal fights

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Heel Villain Squeezer

Test series code: Excrutiation. Subjects will be tested on endurance, pain tolerance, and intelligence. Please step through the red door and we'll begin.

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Fighter Face Puncher Hero

Samurai girl from the samurai village. My name is Sandy, I was born in a samurai village where I was raised as a fighter and protector. if you decide to attack me, my blade will pierce you

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Underage teen looking for trouble. Rich parents usually out of town

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Fighter Jobber Villain Squeezetoy

Anime guys cocky and stubborn but mostly ends up being destroyed in erotic matches with girls

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Puncher Villain

Brutal Gutpuncher

Last login: 2022-09-24; Last updated: 2022-09-24

Villain Squeezer

evil scientist creator of the daleks uses semen to create embryos for his dalek machines

Last login: 5 days ago; Last updated: 2022-09-17

Jobber Heel Villain

cocky broker and master manipulator

Last login: 2022-10-27; Last updated: 2022-09-04

Heel Trainer Villain

devious wrestling manageress

Last login: 2 days ago; Last updated: 2022-09-15

Jobber Hero Squeezetoy

im a cocky Japanese Wrestler who will take on anyone

Last login: 2022-10-30; Last updated: 2022-10-06

147 Characters