• Broken bones

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there is a pride of females who fights to death

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Heel Villain Squeezer

Test series code: Excrutiation. Subjects will be tested on endurance, pain tolerance, and intelligence. Please step through the red door and we'll begin.

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Heel Villain

Strong, mature and limitless misogynist. I am an old pervert, and I don't accept No for an answer. 99% of the time looking for mixed or guys vs girls fights..

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Jobber Punchee Squeezetoy

Always moving town to town causing trouble and collecting bounties. Young cowboy looking for trouble

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Fighter Hero

Brutal fighter... barehanded and with swords

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Jobber Heel Punchee Villain

If you see me smirking, it's because I just envisioned myself bashing you over your dumb whore skull with my 9-iron!

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Jobber Heel Hero Squeezetoy

Young Cowboy, seeking to make a name for himself. Cocky by nature, are his muscles just for show or have actual strength? He is willing to bet his life on it!

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Alpha wife to NHBMike, fierce fighter, and ready to take on male or female rivals

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423 Characters