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Fighter Puncher

Favors boxing, extremely powerful, and loves torturing women in the ring. Totally not a knockoff of Darrius from HTMW..

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Fighter Puncher

A guy who's impossible to beat once he enters the zone.

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Fighter Jobber Punchee Squeezetoy

Pretty built weak wrestler that is usually the jobber for bigger and stronger furries, men and animated men.

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Fighter Jobber Heel Puncher

A gym were you can pick any of our young fighters to have a match you won't forget.

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Fighter Jobber Squeezetoy

Fight until I win either way

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Jobber Punchee Hero

The cocky hero who doesn't realize he's about to be turned into jobber plaything

Last login: 9 days ago; Last updated: 9 days ago

Jobber Punchee Squeezetoy

Don’t be fooled by this guys looks and physique, he may look tough, but he’s just another jobber here to be beaten down by others. Make sure you give his abs a good pounding too while you’re at it!

Last login: today; Last updated: 2022-08-02

Fighter Heel Face

A wise master once said: 'Be like water.' Guess I'm kind of a tsunami.

Last login: 2022-08-04; Last updated: 2022-08-01

707 Characters