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Heel Trainer Hero

A young, methodical pro wrestler born in USA trained in Asia, wrestles in pro ring as a scientific, clean and by-the-rules, master of intense holds.

Last login: 2022-07-18; Last updated: 2022-01-29

Fighter Trainer Puncher Hero

Brawler, 7th Heaven bar owner, and eco-terrorist!

Last login: 2022-09-07; Last updated: 2021-03-16

Fighter Jobber Trainer Trainee

atletico con mucha energia y algo de entusiasmo

Last login: 2021-03-11; Last updated: 2021-03-11

Fighter Trainee

Lover of tight lycra sportgear

Last login: 2021-03-19; Last updated: 2021-03-10

Fighter Trainer Hero Squeezer

Stoic, warm-hearted, mysterious (I think), King wears his honor on his sleeve and is a very friendly person, disliking rudeness and dishonorable actions.

Last login: 2022-07-02; Last updated: 2021-05-08


My name is Cindy, and I got muscle. And they're stronger than yours.

Last login: 2022-03-25; Last updated: 2021-03-24

Jobber Heel

likes boxing ,cock fight, first cum lose match, Japanese

Last login: 2022-09-01; Last updated: 2021-08-16

Jobber Heel

Viking men die the best! Let me prove it to you by taking whatever you can dish out!

Last login: yesterday; Last updated: 2022-05-19

Fighter Heel Puncher Hero

Genuine, coolminded, well-mannered young Man passionate about wrestling and fights

Last login: 2022-07-17; Last updated: 2021-10-18

Hero Villain

Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power.

Last login: 2021-04-02; Last updated: 2020-11-27

Jobber Heel

New to all this let’s have fun

Last login: 2020-11-17; Last updated: 2020-11-17

311 Characters