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Jobber Heel Villain Squeezetoy

I'm Codi, my boyfriend is Cody, think you can take the Cody's on?

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Jobber Villain

Not large, but very in charge! I'm a boss bitch!

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Jobber Heel Villain

Wanna fuck? Psyche, you're not in my fucking league!

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Any women up for a handicap match?

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I enjoy sexfight watching my wife getting rough with other ladies for the pleasure. Males who loves watching his lady sexfight other lady are most welcome.

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Heel Puncher Squeezer

I will either turn your entire skull into a 'burger' or tie you into a knot if you dare challenge me.

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Fighter Face Hero

Drake is a versatile wolf hero that loves story based fights and protecting those in need

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Jobber Heel Villain

I'm an arrogant, stuck-up bitch and I am 100% always trying to stir up drama!

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726 Characters