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Up for any activity that keeps me boned.

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Fighter Jobber Heel Puncher

im into Boxing, Catfighting , Catty Wrestling oil wrestling and boxing. The wilder the scenario the better!!!

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Fighter Face Hero Squeezer

The earth quakes, the ground shakes, but don't worry~ That's just Sapphire running to her lunch break.

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Fighter Squeezer

Everyday woman who loves the competition of tangling with another woman.

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Just turned 41 and had my third child. Feeling stuck in vanilla life and marriage. Looking for some fun ;)

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Fighter Heel Face

Like my ass? How about a closer look?

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Fighter Jobber Heel

A kitty looking for some good hot and exciting fights, he's strong, but not invincibel...

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6'1 180 40yo male looking for female wrestling opponents

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850 Characters