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Fighter Hero Villain

Love submission fight , muscle vs muscle fight.

Last login: 2 days ago; Last updated: 7 days ago

Fighter Trainer Puncher Hero

Fierce fighter, I don’t like one sided fights. I’m a switch so I can dom or be dommed, but I don’t give up easy hehe

Last login: 4 days ago; Last updated: 2022-06-15

Fighter Jobber Face Hero

Here to save the world and bring evil to justice!

Last login: yesterday; Last updated: 2022-06-12

Fighter Jobber Heel Villain

the bansished son of Tarzan. Seeking revenche

Last login: 2022-05-10; Last updated: 2022-04-24

Heel Hero Squeezer

A young muscle beast, powerful muscle wall, test me anyway you want... Crushing force anywhere, anytime..

Last login: yesterday; Last updated: 2022-04-17

Fighter Face Punchee Squeezetoy

Lift me, throw me, humiliate me & manhandle me like the helpless little wimp that I am 😍

Last login: yesterday; Last updated: 2022-06-20

Jobber Heel Face Squeezetoy

Pain, Agony, Tortured Limbs and Back, are all favorites; it's Your Choice which side of those you are on.

Last login: today; Last updated: 2022-04-07

169 Characters