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Fighter Jobber Heel Squeezer

4ft 11 'n 110 lbs. ex gymnast. i'm small 'n scrappy 'n i don't go down easily.

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Fighter Puncher

A model with a dark side

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Fighter Jobber Heel Trainee

A forest young wolf who wrestlers to increase his skills and to make a living in the city. He is strong and have a lot of resistence but being a novice makes him be easily overpowered

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Jobber Heel Puncher Squeezer

Luciffer's little brother who is new but more skillful than his big brother

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Fighter Puncher Hero

Grew up in the street, earned his liveing with his fists. When ever there is a fight he is in never backs down.

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Fighter Trainer Hero Villain

Blood thirsty, sinister and fierce. Enjoys raiding the tombs of fallen warriors to recruit into his never ending Wrestler Faction. He has witnessed and survived far worse in his career.

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Fighter Puncher Squeezer

Music lovin, martial artist usin, catfightn’ bitch here to raise some hell

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323 Characters