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Private Investigator and martial artist

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Fighter Heel

French lad. Young, tough, and hard. Let’s wrestle.

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Fighter Jobber Villain

Traveller and explorer who loves to fight and wrestle on his many adventures.

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Fighter Heel Face

12/15/0 🇮🇹 fighter. Searching for even matches or for heels that humiliates me

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Fighter Heel Puncher Squeezer

Looking to be served my victory on a silver platter, one mixed match at a time!

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Fighter Puncher

Comin' at Cha!

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Fighter Heel Puncher Villain

Carmelita is 19 years old and won't back down from any kind of fight. She will fight both males and females

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Fighter Heel Villain

Veteran Champion Pro - Am Rassler Erotic Wrestler & Sexfighter Extraordinary!

Last login: 2022-05-26; Last updated: 2022-05-20

552 Characters