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Fighter Hero Villain

Love submission fight , muscle vs muscle fight.

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Fighter Heel Villain

Veteran Champion Pro - Am Rassler Erotic Wrestler & Sexfighter Extraordinary!

Last login: 2022-05-26; Last updated: 2022-05-20


A fun and flexible jobber ready to rumble and open to matches of all kinds.

Last login: today; Last updated: 2022-05-10

Fighter Jobber Hero Villain

Underwater/Scuba wrestler and adventurer. Sometimes in peril, sometimes rescuer. I enjoy sharing well-crafted tales.

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Fighter Puncher Squeezer

Music lovin, martial artist usin, catfightn’ bitch here to raise some hell

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Heel Hero Squeezer

A young muscle beast, powerful muscle wall, test me anyway you want... Crushing force anywhere, anytime..

Last login: yesterday; Last updated: 2022-04-17

Fighter Jobber Heel Squeezetoy

I love all types of fights with submission on the ground, and erotic fights

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334 Characters