• Mud wrestling

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Fighter Hero Villain Squeezer

Big Muscled Man, into matching huge muscled bodies and pecs. Nude and erotic muscle struggles, and competition. Humiliation of the Loser

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A fiery, tenacious, if not overly skilled, erotic and catty fighter

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Fighter Jobber

50 year old guy, average build, no martial arts training, looking to fight anyone any time.

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Jobber Heel Punchee Villain

If you see me smirking, it's because I just envisioned myself bashing you over your dumb whore skull with my 9-iron!

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Jobber Villain

I'm the bad girl! I'll bully you, kill you, and fuck your man!

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Fighter Face Puncher Hero

A fun loving anthro always looking for some sexy competition and a good roleplay

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Jobber Heel Villain

Wanna fuck? Psyche, you're not in my fucking league! You can't afford me, you fucking loser!

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359 Characters