• Brazilian jiu-jitsu

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This guy is ready to fight and eager to get better at it, no matter the cost. He has a weakness for female feet, though.

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Fighter Trainer Puncher

Skilled fighter ready to take on anyone brave enough to challenge

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Korean fighter

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Fighter Heel Face Squeezer

FvF fights only sorry boys 😊. Very passionate for all things martial arts and looking to test my skills against other girls

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Jobber Villain Squeezer

Silly zombie ready to latch on!

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Fighter Face

Bonjour je suis un homme soumis fétichiste qui cherche à se faire dominer et humilier par des femmes

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Fighter Face Hero

Disciplined karateka who often ends up in a perilous situation against grapplers/wrestlers.

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Ready to kick ass or get beat up trying

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220 Characters