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Greetings my name is standonmyback this is my in real life profile all pictures are owned by me.

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I am a kickboxer that uses no hands only kicks, stomps, and trampling.

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A fun and flexible jobber ready to rumble and open to matches of all kinds.

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Fighter Jobber Villain

Realistic martial arts fights

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Fighter Heel Squeezer

A dominant heel ready to kick his opponents into submission.

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Karateka esperta con voglia di divertirsi

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Fighter Puncher Hero Villain

Bruce Thomas Wayne, Billionaire, The Dark Knight Batman, is a dark and brooding hero with a personal vendetta against crime

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Fighter Trainer


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Fighter Jobber Punchee

Strong, quick, brutal fighter. Not able to take many blows to her abs, and can get too overconfident.

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Ex K.G.B, MI6, C.I.A triple agent, has dark secret.

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Fighter Puncher Hero Squeezer

Hotheaded sexy COWBOY with duel pistols, owner of Enterprise bar, Looking for employee's, for job call me

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Fighter Jobber Puncher

Sono warrior_amazon ho 30 anni mi piace la lotta specialmente..submission , pro wrestling, Kick boxing e nhb

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Fighter Villain

Destroy of women and sometimes guys but let me come to you) ready to put them in their place

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158 Characters