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Fighter Trainer Puncher

Istruttrice di yoga e pilates con la passione per la lotta

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Jobber Trainee

New to martial arts. Looking for more unground and Dirty fights

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Fighter Villain

Warrior who lost his memories after a fight learn karate to replace what he has lost

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Jobber Face Trainee Punchee

A lovely punching bag who enjoys plenty of bruises!”L

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Fighter Trainer

I'm a third degree black belt in karate and love to use my feet to kick you in the face and humiliate my opponent.

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Fighter Face Hero

Disciplined karateka who often ends up in a perilish situation against grapplers/wrestlers.

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Greetings my name is standonmyback this is my in real life profile all pictures are owned by me.

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A fun and flexible jobber ready to rumble and open to matches of all kinds.

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171 Characters