35-year-old Human female

Fighter Heel Puncher


  • Arms10
  • Chest10
  • Abs10
  • Legs10
  • Ass10


  • Height5'7"
  • Biceps4"
  • Chest36"
  • Waist27"
  • Thigh12"

passionate about fight, good with my fists, who loves classic competitive professional style boxing, fistfights and brawls

Weight: 140 lbs
Body type: Toned
Gear: boxing trunks, sports bra, 4, 8 or 10oz gloves. bikini, black leahter Domme suit, lace lingerie, topless, open to fit the scene and opponent.
  • No holds barred
  • Submission
  • Boxing
  • Even match
  • Fantasy
  • Back and forth
  • Kick-boxing
  • Oil wrestling
  • Male / Female
  • Female / Female
  • Tag Team
  • Wrestle for top


MsINTENSE is a nickname from real life and it fits me. I am a passionate fighter; meaning passionate about the fight, competition and fight skills. I make a good friend and a challenging opponent. I've never been called laid back. Strong and spirited with tons of ATTITUDE would be on target. I want to meet good people with a wild side, intelligent and imagiative. I want to meet fighters. Please be an adult. Trash talk is fun, being a jerk will get you ignored fast. The very best cyberfights are between friends.

The fight itself is my fetish, the competition and personal interplay, the chess match of mind and spirit. This is theater of the mind, folks. If you want to play out a physical contest with me and you are intelligent, imaginative and expressive, then I'll likely buy a ticket to ride.

I look for fights that are rough, wild, competitive, fair and fun. I love to box in the classic, professional style, with irl boxing skills, also submission grappling and catty wrestling, very rough catfights, fistfights, all-in brawling, and mma. I don't need to win, and I don't want to lose.

YESSSSSS...minds, wills, bodies in an intimate contest for dominance. Online fighting can be an amazing experience, if people are willing to adapt to each other and work together to make it all work well. I conquer, yet I also care about my fight partner. I see then as a partner, not an enemy. I love to give pleasure and get those OMGAWD moments. I'd love to find and on-going rival. You maybe baby?

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  • kateintense Áine - Troid Ban

    Irish Aine Troid Ban takes on American KateIntense in a professional boxing match. The veteran boxer KateIntense largely controlled most of the match against Aine, in her first pro-boxing match, leaving her spread eagle on the canvass following a left jab to knock her guard away and then a right straight to her jaw, setting up her face for one fucking finisher of a left uppercut to her chin. Battered and bloodied, Aine has demanded a rematch with Kate and vowed to knock her out cold next time. Read more...

    • Boxing
    • Female / Female