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100-year-old Human female

Fighter Face Puncher Squeezer


  • Arms16
  • Chest15
  • Abs15
  • Legs16
  • Ass13


  • Height5'11"
  • Biceps20"
  • Chest55"
  • Waist35"
  • Thigh28"

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Greetings to all! This is a roster of female wrestlers where you can choose any one and have a wrestling match with her. Over time, the roster, like the fighters, will acquire interesting details, thanks to which the battles will become brighter.
I write detailed, juicy and colorful, it is desirable that you write the same way. Jobbers, please don't bother me, I'm (for now) interested in intense and good fights, not one-sided beating. Erotic matches are possible, but not always. The priority of the battles will be vvf, the guys will also be happy, but first the girls.
It is highly desirable to come to me with interesting ideas and stories, but sometimes you can just ask for a fight, some girls are very quick-tempered and will immediately invite you to the ring :)
In case anyone is wondering, the owner of this roster is a female.
Thanks for reading and have a good fight!

Last login: 2022-09-12
Start of membership: 2022-07-27

This character's local time is 20:09
Time zone: [UTC+5]