Vicki luv

21-year-old Human female

Fighter Jobber Punchee Squeezer


  • Arms13
  • Chest12
  • Abs14
  • Legs12
  • Ass12


  • Height5'6"
  • Biceps17"
  • Chest44"
  • Waist26"
  • Thigh25"

Tough young bitch, that takes great beatings too often!


21 years old and been living a wild life.. almost though college and always seems to find myself in trouble of one kind or another. I work hard on my body and have been known to take great beatings, even if i always try my best in matches.. ONE DAY i will be a great fighter.

Love rough matches in the ring, or catfighting, or apartment matches. I only like detailed matches, i am a good writer and tend to be drawn to other great writers of beatings. :) Nothing better than taking on an older jealous woman, or a lovely couple or just another skank looking to prove shes better! Family matches can be SOO much fun as well, all kinds of scenes.

Not many limits here, just not a sexfighter, or titfighter, or ass fighter (neve know if im winning or not usually, but i LOVE giving a great give/take match but usually taking a vicious beating by the end of the match. of course dont mind a Squash match with the right vicious mean friends!

Usually dont respond well to "hey bitch", or "lets fight". i need to be massaged and romanced (or atleast a little talk so i know what i am getting myself into :) )

Come say hi.. lets make some stories!!


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