Ryan Brooks

19-year-old Human male

Jobber Heel Hero Squeezer


  • Arms12
  • Chest9
  • Abs11
  • Legs13
  • Ass11
  • Cock9


  • Height6'2"
  • Biceps13"
  • Chest40"
  • Waist32"
  • Thigh17"
  • Cock6"

I Don't Think You Understand The Gravity Of The Situation.

Weight: 207 lbs
Body type: Toned
Gear: He's always wanted a costume, but until he finds one, basic clothes it is.
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There was always something about those Brooks' kids though. They played with the neighbourhood children and made friends as kids do, but they never had birthday parties. Never did sleepovers. Most people in the neighbourhood just assumed it was over protective parents. Alyssa was, after all their miracle child from a broken womb. When two more popped out years later, people got suspicious. They certainly looked like their kids, had their genes, but something was off. They were right. The Brooks' resorted to science to have their kids. Some side effects included.

To Ryan, his life was perfectly normal. He had two loving parents, an older sister and a younger brother. He was pretty popular at school despite never going to parties. Mom and Dad had a strict 8pm curfew he actually obeyed. Oh, and he could control gravity. You know, basic everyday things.

His parents had given him the spiel. With great power comes great responsibility. Blah blah blah. He knew when to use it and when not to. His parents were supportive all through his childhood, allowing him and his siblings to use their powers within the safety of their house. Nothing like playing hide and seek with a teleporter and invisikid. Then again, they couldn't run very far when they felt like they weighed 300lbs. Sure, mistakes were made along the way. What do you expect when you've got three superkids in one house.

On his 19th birthday, his parents gifted him the thing he's been asking for ever since he was 10. Freedom. A trip to see the world and prove he can be responsible, and hey, if he can live his childhood dream of being a superhero and fight some crime- why not?

Challenge him if you think you can handle the pressure.

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