Rough Trade Travis

26-year-old Human male

Heel Puncher Villain


  • Arms7
  • Chest5
  • Abs10
  • Legs10
  • Ass3
  • Cock9


  • Height5'7"
  • Biceps12"
  • Chest38"
  • Waist30"
  • Thigh17"
  • Cock7"

Sleazy, greasy, sweaty stud stirring up trouble!

Weight: 150 lbs
Body type: Slim
Gear: street gear, boots,
  • Fantasy


This character is a redneck MAN of 26 years, 5’7” and 150#. Been on his own since he kicked his father’s ass and sent him to the hospital at 16 yo. Been kicking ass ever since. Spent too much time in the slammer!
Not the kind of guy you would bring home to meet your Mom. He’s rude, crude, sadistic and kinky.
His mouth can get him in trouble.
Not the brightest dude!
Any other REAL MEN?

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