Ronnie Gunn

25-year-old Human male

Fighter Jobber Hero Squeezetoy


  • Arms12
  • Chest14
  • Abs18
  • Legs16
  • Ass9
  • Cock16


  • Height5'9"
  • Biceps23"
  • Chest52"
  • Waist34"
  • Thigh28"
  • Cock8"

Rising young Pro Wrestling star who's beginning to toe-to-toe with some very tough opponents.

Weight: 192 lbs
Body type: Athletic
Gear: Pro Style trunks (Various bright colors and attention grabbing designs) Kneepads, Boots, (Robes, jackets, and even stuff such as Leather chaps and matching vest to wear during a ring entrance)
  • Pro wrestling
  • Submission
  • Even match
  • Romantic
  • Fantasy
  • Back and forth
  • Squash match
  • Outdoors match
  • Male / Male
  • Tag Team
  • Straight
  • Sex
  • Workout
  • Muscle Testing
  • Muscle worship
  • Bearhugs


‘Hotshot’ Ronnie Gunn
5’9” , 185 lbs. , 25 y/o ,
from: Corpus Christi, Texas

It’s been just over a year since ‘HOTSHOT’ Ronnie Gunn first began his career but in that short time the 25 year old Texas-born stud has already managed to find a great deal of success in the always competitive world of Professional Wrestling. His wrestling skills along with a very impressive win/loss record have helped Ronnie garner a great deal of attention everywhere he has competed, while his natural good looks and charisma have only added to Ronnie’s increasing popularity, particularly amongst female fans. Having already earned so much success, and with his confidence as high as ever, Ronnie has now begun accepting offers to wrestle some of the toughest and most successful pro wrestlers in the industry in order to add to his quickly growing fame and reputation. Despite his talent and confidence, however, ‘HOTSHOT’ Ronnie Gunn just might end up being shocked at the enormous challenge, both physical and mental, that his new choices of opponents are likely to present him with, especially those challengers who seem to enjoy defeating charismatic young studs like Ronnie right in front of the females who so love to scream and cheer for them.

(Usually I like being a determined babyface who end s up being really challenged by a heel opponent. Not just for cyber matches, but for roleplay scenarios we can explore together if possible. Also wouldn’t mind chatting with other similar minded people over some wrestling topics that really excite me, such as pro gear, match setting and scenarios, moves, etc. Btw, I only wrote in third person for the bio)

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