20-year-old Human male

Jobber Heel Hero Villain


  • Arms10
  • Chest13
  • Abs14
  • Legs10
  • Ass9
  • Cock14


  • Height5'7"
  • Biceps15"
  • Chest37"
  • Waist31"
  • Thigh20"
  • Cock7"

Lovable Hero that can turn brutal

Weight: 165 lbs
Body type: Normal
  • Pro wrestling
  • Submission
  • Even match
  • Back and forth
  • Freestyle wrestling
  • Male / Male
  • Gay
  • Stakes
  • Sex
  • Wrestle for top


River is a fun-hearted kind guy by nature, he loves making friends and generally will strike up a discussion with any one despite age or looks. However, River suffered an accident when he was younger leaving him with peculiar powers. He has the power to control electricity which shocks anyone he comes into contact with, due to this River has never really gotten super intimate with another guy, as they cannot usually take the pain his powers bring. The current comes through his hands meaning often he has to wear protective leather gloves to fight or interact with someone.

On the wrestling mats River is experienced wrestling in high school and playing around with some pro wrestling. He almost always has a competitive match will one guy ends up winning, River always wrestles with gloves on to prevent guys from losing the match due to his powers. However, River can get mean and downright nasty if he or any of his friends are threatened. He can send volts of electricity all through your body making you squirm and twitch and can even paralyze your body parts with his touch.

If you want a fair match without powers, let me know and we can rumble. However, if I win I might try to explore your body and take advantage of me beating you. So challenge me if you think you can handle the SHOCK

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