Remy Cooper

26-year-old Human male



  • Arms18
  • Chest18
  • Abs18
  • Legs18
  • Ass18
  • Cock18


  • Height6'0"
  • Biceps18"
  • Chest46"
  • Waist32"
  • Thigh32"
  • Cock9"

Fitness, Lifting, Wrestler, MMA and Muscle Games

Weight: 195 lbs
Body type: Muscular
Gear: Gym Shorts, Jocks.
  • Submission
  • Boxing
  • Even match
  • Romantic
  • Back and forth
  • Kick-boxing
  • Freestyle wrestling
  • Pool wrestling
  • Outdoors match
  • Male / Male
  • Gay
  • Cock fighting
  • First to cum
  • Wrestle for top
  • Workout
  • Forced Workout
  • Bodybuilding
  • Muscle Growth
  • Muscle Testing


I was always a very active kid and took to all sports very easily. I loved Basketball, Football, Wrestling and I loved lifting weights and feeling my muscles get bigger, stronger and harder, more cut and defined. The middle school locker room a bit tricky. My dick would just get hard instantly, but as I was one of the top athletes in my school in Bronx, New York, no one gave me any shit. I started seeing other kids getting erections. If they made my dick hard I would hit they harder on the foot ball field, I would guard them more closely when playing basketball, often talking them into late night hoops down at the blacktop park, where shirts would come off and we'd have a sweaty on on one game full of body contact and hidden boners. The wrestling team made me crazy until I found my "boner brothers" there as well. It was then pins became ecstasy. I got heavily into mma and now I am a fitness trainer always on the look out for a muscle test, an arm wrestling match, an mma spar or better yer a wrestling match!

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