League Of Extraordinary Fems

22-year-old Human female

Fighter Face


  • Arms5
  • Chest5
  • Abs3
  • Legs4
  • Ass3


  • Height5'7"
  • Biceps10"
  • Chest31"
  • Waist30"
  • Thigh17"

These ladies are ready to put you down


About Me

I was going to call it The League of Extraordinary Women but that was a bit too long so Fems it is! Either way my roster is ready to have some hot and sexy fun with all of you. There can be additions and subtractions as time goes by. The main course if you will is usually pro wrestling. However all these ladies are able to combat in many different styles.

What might those be? Well that can be some steamy catty apartment wrestling with scissors and hair pulls and facesits among other things. It can be boxing or kickboxing as well as kickboxing. They can also step on the mats for some Ultimate Surrender fun too. No matter what though these ladies are here for fun and to rule whatever arena or room they are in.

The league also has some combat rooms of their own so if you want to come take on the local favorites in our own locations then just say the word!

Hotel Drublin- a middle of the road hotel that houses hotel or apartment style matches. The rooms are spacious and usually have a couch for some extra punishment. Full camera setup as well

The Rusty Spur- A seedy saloon style bar with an older ring in the middle of it. This is great for not only pro wrestling but boxing and kickboxing as well. As with all the ladies this venue can get very spicy and the fans love seeing after match fun

The WrestleDome- The big arena style setting that is used for pretty much any style you can think of. All the high quality lights and pageantry you could want to give any match a big fight feel.

The Pleasure Club- A club in front but in the back are some Ultimate Surrender as well as standard blue mats for some sexy fun. Full camera set up as well! Padded walls and they are sound proof to muffle the screams:

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Start of membership: 2022-08-01

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