Kurt Stone

21-year-old Human male



  • Arms5
  • Chest5
  • Abs3
  • Legs4
  • Ass3
  • Cock9


  • Height5'11"
  • Biceps18"
  • Chest48"
  • Waist30"
  • Thigh24"
  • Cock9"

Young stud just getting into pro wrestling, following in his brothers Axel and Bran Stone path. Still learning the business.

Weight: 201 lbs
Body type: Athletic
Gear: Tight red trunks cut high on the hips and low on the waist, emphasizing his youthful enormous bulge; white boots, red kneepads, white elbow pads.
  • Pro wrestling
  • Squash match
  • Male / Male
  • Two on One
  • Tag Team
  • Straight
  • Bodybuilding
  • Muscle Testing


Brother of Bran Stone and Axel Stone. Dropped out of college to pursue pro wrestling and other martial arts. Really anxious to show his bros he can be as good or better than them. Having learned a little bit, he's starting to get too cocky and while he may make a fast start, more often than not, he finds himself being dominated and beaten, especially by bigger, fatter, hairier vets. Against guys around his age, he's a tough wrestler. Bros will watch matches but don't usually intervene. Starting bodybuilding, smooth, slightly tan, short blonde hair. Too cocky and confident for his own good.

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