Cowboy AJ Ferrari

19-year-old Human male

Fighter Jobber Heel Hero


  • Arms18
  • Chest15
  • Abs18
  • Legs19
  • Ass14
  • Cock17


  • Height6'0"
  • Biceps19"
  • Chest45"
  • Waist30"
  • Thigh24"
  • Cock8"

Italian city boy in the country!


Been wrestling since middle school - I’m that damn good.


Born and raised in NYC, my folks moved to OK my sophomore year of high school. Ended up liking that I was a city boy beating all these corn fed boys up on the mats. In college I joined the team but also joined a few underground fighting circuits.


Pro, erotic, NHB, brawls, boxing…I’ll try it all. Very into RP/a good and juicy scene.

Oh…and gentlemen - I’m the typical DL jock. Do whatever you want with that info


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