21-year-old Human female



  • Arms8
  • Chest17
  • Abs7
  • Legs15
  • Ass13


  • Height5'9"
  • Biceps12"
  • Chest39"
  • Waist36"
  • Thigh24"

Clara is young Czech catfighter and wrestler


Clara is young Czech girl, who choose to be catfighter as her mother, who raised her solo. Since she young girl she into sport, in Elementary School she do track and fields which makes her body strong and athletic and basketball which gives her soft and crafty hands, in highschool she start do pole dance and go to the gym which gives her curves and strong body. Untill the whole time she wrestles with her friends or Train with her mom. Now is time to follow her steps and Clara started her career as a rookie catfighter and wrestler .
Personally shes very egositic and some girls call her "real bitch", after tryna Wrestle or catfight with her. She likes to win, dominate and humilate which makes her a tough ririval

Prefere competitive catfights, and it means that we meet because wanna see, which one is better woman. Catfight because i love pull your hair and then put you in facesit, headscissors or grapevine.
Love to be put in good scenario

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