Bonnie Rothschell

36-year-old Human male



  • Arms12
  • Chest11
  • Abs10
  • Legs12
  • Ass9
  • Cock9


  • Height5'11"
  • Biceps15"
  • Chest37"
  • Waist31"
  • Thigh20"
  • Cock7"

Laid back master

Weight: 180 lbs
Body type: Normal
  • No holds barred
  • Even match
  • Romantic
  • Fantasy
  • Back and forth
  • Squash match
  • Karate
  • Kick-boxing
  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu
  • Male / Male
  • Male / Female
  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Foot fetish
  • Giant and tiny


**Fictional Neutral\Good character: I have real life experiences in martial arts and fighting and I'm a very descriptive fighter (most of the times!). I'm up for an even fight, dominating completely or being beaten to a bloody pulp ( if you can actually RP). I tend to be quite realistc and I don't expect you to survive a series of ten kicks, as much as I don't expect to easily beat someone who's 100+ lbs heavier than I am. Not here for your massive fetishes or r**e fantasies. Anyone attempting non-consesual sexual actions will be ditched immediately**

Master Rothschell's life follows basic principles and revolves around martial arts, booze and carnal pleasures. He lives in a trailer in the outskirts of the city and he pays his meagre expenses working as a martial arts instructor. He got the job after breaking one the most competitive dojos in the region, which has never been reclaimed since then.

Name: Bonny Rothschell
Nationality: German-American
Sexual Orientation: Bi , he likes martial artists the most.

Personality: Master Rothschell is pretty laid back; his rules for life are to enjoy himself, train as much as he can and never shy away from a good fight. He's not very ambitious when it comes to money or fame, preferring a low-key lifestyle of simple pleasures.

Ethics: Master Rothschell loves fighting and mentoring weaker martial artists; he's not a ruthless fighter and he doesn't enjoy humiliating his opponents.

Fighting Skills: A master of numerous forms of martial arts, both armed and unarmed.

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    AgentDerekSteel Bonnie Rothschell

    Reinis escapes the Syndicate lab and winds up in the Dojo of martial arts master Bonnie Rothschell. Derek Steel tracks the escaped Reinis to the Dojo. He and Bonnie have a slight disagreement. Read more...

    • No holds barred
    • Even match
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