Ariel Miller

18-year-old Human male

Fighter Jobber Trainee Hero


  • Arms5
  • Chest5
  • Abs3
  • Legs4
  • Ass3
  • Cock9


  • Height5'6"
  • Biceps10"
  • Chest31"
  • Waist30"
  • Thigh17"
  • Cock9"

Martial arts disciple

Weight: 141 lbs
Body type: Slim


Ariel Miller is a young, broody martial arts disciple roaming the country in a quest for power.
He's been on his own since his father's dojo was broken and destroyed by a powerful martial artist. His father died after a brave, but hopeless fight.

Short, soft-spoken and ready to kick some serious butts with his moves. He's a hero at heart.

Agile and strightforward during fights, he's a mixed bags with strong punching and kicking combinations. He's pretty helpless when it comes to ground fighting and might struggle against very large opponents (He's barely 5,6!). All in all, a medium-tier martial artist who never backs out from a challenge (he got stomped once or twice but it's ok I guess).

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