Dads_Fighter: My exploits in the fight world on Chatfighters

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Father and Son challenging each other to a sexfight

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Two Rivals

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Two young men sharing the same girl challenge each other with unexpected results... Including hair pulling and cockfighting!

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A collection of mixed boxing stories I've written and cyber-boxing bouts I've fought in over the years.

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A part of the saga War of the Marrone Men: An Alpha Family Feud, as chronicled by Marius, servant of the Marrone clan.

'Cousins, Rivals' by italian stallion is the story of a lifelong rivalry between two evenly matched men of the Marrone clan.

This chronicle, The Clash of Bears and Wolves, expands upon that account and explores the feud as it spreads to fathers and brothers, becoming a war of alpha males with many close-fought battles and a final, shocking battle in the struggle for masculine pride, family honour, and alpha male supremacy.

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The young Prince Callum seeks an audience with The Sultan of Agrabah, but first he must prove himself worthy by defeating the street rat known as Aladdin.

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Camp Ian

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Officers Jason Frank and Cody Stone are veteran NYPD cops... these are their patrol stories.

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Section 21

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A small, elite, multinational military intelligence team focused on counter-terrorism and deniable operations. Gunnery Sgt. Mat Rock and Corporal Sam Mason are the tip of Section 21's deadly spear!

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: Heavily influenced by the UK/Cinemax series "Strike Back," which, like many action adventure stories with hot action hero buddy leads, never satisfied the sexual tension between the guys because it was being made for straight people. So... this fixes that. LOL)

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Amber like fighting hoping for more losing

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My stable of young teen and twink wrestlers give it their all in the ring and out.

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The adventures of criminal bad-ass Derek Steel and his encounters with Heros!

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The Adventures of Gregory Payne

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The adventures of Derek Steel and Evan Riley

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A collection of stories following the tough, gritty, action of the agents fighting to protect the world from the machinations of the Syndicate and their mercenaries.

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Captain America and Agent James Mason take on two seperate threats in the form of the Syndicate's cloned Assasin, Reinis P along with Derek Steel and Yami-No-Kens shadowy army. Will they prevail?

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Based on JockBrah's real life experiences, JockBrah has never backed down from a fight. Ever since his first match in high school when the captain of the wrestling team tried to punk him in front of the whole school, Jock accepted the challenge and made the STATE CHAMP verbally submit in the most emasculating hold: the banana split.

Word of Jock’s thirst for alpha dominance spread throughout the school where every muscle bound redneck and senior football player suddenly wanted a piece. Jock took every one of them down, from arm wrestling to bare knuckle fight. That’s when the real challenge came. The school’s principal warned Jock to stop hurting their star athletes. “You think you’re so tough. You wouldn’t be in the real world. Try starting something at the truck stop bar! They’ll kick your ass without mercy.” It was with that warning that an internal spark RAGED in Jock. Why wrestle these beta high schoolers when there’s real, dangerous full grown alpha men to challenge?

That night, Jock snuck into the truck stop bar. Big, loud, rough, tattooed and muscled truckers everywhere. One in particular, LEATHERGUN, his signature leather arm band wrapped around a huge peak on his bicep. As Leathergun slammed the arm of an equally muscle bound arm wrestling trucker, Jock knew this was his shot. He sat right down across from LeatherGun and challenged him to a bare knuckle street fight. Amused, LeatherGun warned Jock. He’s already been to jail for putting a REAL man in the hospital. Would this pretty little Jock boy settle for an arm wrestling match? Burning with anger, Jock locked up with LeatherGun as the whole bar ROARED. The two PULLED as LeatherGun grunted. “This Lil Shit is strong!” Jock smugly bragged, “You’re no Alpha! I’ll show you who the REAL man is!” And with that, Jock flexed his bicep and with EVERY ounce of his strength took LeatherGun’s giant forearm OVER THE TOP and an inch away from the table! Then...SNAP!!! Bone CRUNCH! The bar GASPED! With hand pinned to the table in defeat and his forearm BROKEN at a full 90 degree angle, JOCK whimpered like a hurt pup right into the merciless eyes of the victorious LeatherGun! LeatherGun smirked at his fine work. He just BROKE Jock’s arm in a complete and total upset victory! As he kept Jock’s arm firmly pinned to the table, he pulled Jock in close by the scruff of his neck and with a pat on Jock’s cheek whispered, “Name‘s LeatherGun. I truck drive all over the US, dominating wannabe alphas like you. When you’re a real man, come find me for a rematch and let’s REALLY bare knuckle brawl until only one of us can walk away.” And with that LeatherGun gulped down his huge beer and walked out, leaving Jock grunting in agony!

After months of rehabilitation, Jock’s arm healed but his pride was fractured. Apparently, Jock’s gruesome defeat was recorded by someone at the bar and the “Alpha breaks Beta Boy’s Arm” video went viral! With his undefeatable tough guy image destroyed, Jock set off on a mission: get bigger, get stronger and get his manhood back by defeating LeatherGun to regain his alpha status! Now years later, Jock travels where the road takes him, fighting, wrestling and arm wrestling any and all challengers for cash however he still has yet to track down the notorious trucker that everyone still reminds Jock of dominating him years ago, his ultimate nemesis, the infamously violent LeatherGun!

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Showcasing the battles between the cocky little punk Alex Theory vs the Amazing Diego the Destroyer.

Order: Newest to Oldest

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These are original stories of my own personal fantasy worlds. Please enjoy.

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The warrior wives follows various women as they fight in different styles and scenarios. The stories are told from the viewpoint of different characters.

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A collection of short, descriptive scenes offered as nothing more than literary exercises. I hope y'all enjoy.

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My stories that weren't accepted.

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Follow along as Diego the Destroyer and Starfox tangle in different promotions, each man always striving to come out on top.

Current Standings: 2-2 TIE

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Esteemed boxers from different universes enter the ring in this solo-author endeavor! Glove up and prepare yourself for bouts bolstered by mechanics you can only see in fiction.

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Starfox and Kirk The Kid battle it out for bragging rights. Which of them will emerge with the 2020 title?

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The Nemesis

  • 6 stories

An epic tale of two women who end up fighting several times over 20+ years. Kelli is the blonde all American girl. Kim is a sultry Asian powerhouse. The two women clash over different things- things that seem so important at the different stages of life.

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The ongoing saga that follows Kelli as she experiences the world of female combat.

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This book will tell you about my struggles on this site, each chapter will be a different story, so get ready.

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Beldwin and Kimmetje (aka Green Cheetah) co-author this short story. What begins as a turf war over gym rights quickly spills over into a series of encounters that neither will soon forget.

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These are the matches which have taken place in the AfterHours Gym and the United Gay Cyber Wrestling server. With the kind permission of Chatfighters I have been allowed to share them with you and allowed to post a link to the Gym in the forums. As more take place they will be updated here. I do hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have enjoyed making them.

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Alia's boxing exploits on ChatFighters, against both men and women, in both straight and erotic boxing

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A book dedicated to the work of Tonk Skull the promoter of the world-class secret and insane underground fight club KING OF THE STREETS.

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Assorted writings by Blaze Beraht.
Inspired by the works of Dagner/Tuff Snuff and Warhorse/Mars in particular, these stories focus on erotic fights to the death.

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Skinfighter likes to roll away from the ring and even the cage.
The streets, alley, warehouses, beach, barns, fields, bars and even the restroom is his turf!
Here I have a small collection of the seedy better venues

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A boxing triangle develops between two men after the same woman

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A story of two female boxers from very different backgrounds, and their inevitable -- and erotic -- journey toward a title bout.

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Gezwungen zu kämpfen und trainieren.
Manni und seine Kämpfer:
Chris the Bodyguard

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Fighting it out in cyber sometimes long and hard
Some are won
Some may get lost
All those here are just simply awesome
Enjoy the skin culture the fights and the stakes

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Series takes place in the mid 90's early 2000's in Texas- mostly around DFW. Follows Kaya as she fights her way through her college years and into adulthood. Learning the ins and outs of being a fighter in various types of bouts.

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The Grille

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Archive of The Grille from Yahoo!
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Jean-Christophe Stories

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Archive of Jean-Christophe Stories from Yahoo!
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Cyber Fight Guys

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Archive of Cyber Fight Guys from Yahoo!
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The story about Newton and Brock

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The story of Paco and Cyborg.

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This is the story of Beast in the Phoenix Beta timeline

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The Gym

  • 5 stories

The Gym welcomes fighters to join with promises of fame and fortune... but is that all there is to boxing, or are there more sinister things going on?

Follow the story of Miguel Espinoza who gets swept up in the world of underground boxing.

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